Welcome!  My name is Lauren Stewart.  I was born in Whittier, California and currently reside in Riverside County, California. My education includes being home-schooled from 1998 to 2011 and attending The Art Institute of Dallas. I graduated with a BFA in photography in September of 2014.  When I’m not working at my part-time retail job, I dedicate my time to blogging & vlogging.  Apart from this art blog, I run a lifestyle blog and a lifestyle Youtube channel. Click the Follow button on the right to receive notifications every time I post, and check out my other links listed below.

*My old photography statement:

Capturing memories of loved ones inspired me to explore a career in photography. Having danced for eleven years, I am naturally drawn to photographing dancers. I understand the hard work and dedication dance requires and the effort behind each motion. My experience establishes a rapport, creating the comfortable environment necessary to capture the movements and emotions that make dance captivating.

My second passion is nature photography, a reflection of my independent and quiet disposition. I enjoy discovering both the obvious and hidden beauty of nature. My main goal in photography is to effectively channel stories into photographs and tell a clear narrative without the requirement of words.

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