Nature possesses a complexity beyond what can be seen by the human eye. The only visible signs of life are those caused by atmospheric variables such as wind, rain, and fire. My series metaphorically bridges the gap between the visible and the unseen. Nymphs are mythological beings, spirits of nature connected to and transformed by their environment. My concept is fantastical, but the intention is to draw attention to the existential humanity of nature. The unrealistic components composing the nymph’s presence were created through the capabilities of digital software.

The idea presented itself one night when least expected. After tossing and turning for hours, I turned on my room light, laid back down with a journal and pen beside me, and waited for a new poem to form. Suddenly a light bulb turned on. My mind could envision nothing else but dancers within nature, their movements seamlessly blending into the environment. After further contemplation and research, my nymph character was created and developed.

Nature is animate but does not communicate in the same way as humans therefore the signs are not always noticed and understood, and its magnitude is underestimated. The human thought-process can be encouraged by visual evidence. In the photographs before you is a female being residing in nature. Her physical form represents the human race, created with the capability to endure; she is strong. The body language represents resourcefulness, adapting accordingly to change. The transparency represents life in motion; we cannot always see it, and yet it is there, happening in and around us. I introduce you to the nymph, a spirit defined by where she is and not where she was.

*** If you would like to see photos from my exhibition, click the following link: https://laurenmicheleartblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/27/nymph-exhibition/
*** If you would like to see the slideshow, click the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v5uuZJYnEg&list=UUic1VLw_OuW2fzDQ88oi_AA

© Lauren Michele Photography, 2014

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