Since its invention, X-ray technology has been revealing the intricacy of the human frame. This is a work of art in and of itself to admire. Radiography is well known as a tool in the medical field, but it is not typically associated with art. However, artists have been experimenting since x-ray machines were invented. Doctor Dain Tasker was one of the first artists to create floral radiographs for the purpose of being artistic and receive recognition through exhibition and publication. What started in the early 20th century has continued into the 21st century with contemporary radiographers such as Arie Van ‘t Riet (Lamont, Raikes) Only specific technology can produce x-ray imagery. However, Photoshop is able to produce a similar appearance and form through manipulation of individual tones, blending modes, and inversion. The photographs are inspired by both original and contemporary radiographs, specifically the works of Doctor Dain Tasker and the colorization technique of Arie Van ‘t Riet. The combination is a show of respect for both the origins of radiography and its evolution.

© Lauren Michele Photography, 2014

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