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Business: Lauren Michele Photography

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Do not hesitate to visit this website whenever you can.  I will try my best to keep the site updated with new blog posts and photographs.

Contact me anytime.  Conversation, comments, and feedback are very helpful to me and much appreciated.  🙂

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  1. My sister just happened to find your link from December 2014 when she was looking for something else & sent it to me. As the artist who painted “Every Knee Shall Bow” may I say “thank you” for passing along the message it contains. Some miss the humanity represented in the presence of Santa Claus, as well as, the elements of profound worship to the only One worthy of such an act. Thank you for noticing. I am a lover of Christmas & believe that it offers those who follow Christ an unparalleled opportunity to tell His story. God has lead me to use the familiar images of Christmas to point to the Miraculous…to use the human to point to the Sacred.
    Thank you for spreading HIS STORY!

Your comments and feedback are very important to me. :)

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