Sun Beams Will Soon Smile Through


I meant to post¬†this earlier in the week but found it much more difficult to write than I anticipated. ¬†In the back of my mind, I knew that¬†publishing it would make the news real. ¬†As a Star Wars fan, Carrie Fisher’s death was a huge blow. ¬†Losing Debbie Reynolds in the same week was too much. ¬†I needed time to process and carefully plan out what I want and need to say. ¬†Picture this: The late 90s. ¬†A small college theater. ¬†A six year old girl wearing a lime green¬†costume a couple sizes too¬†big. ¬†Only two other girls onstage. ¬†Gene Kelly’s voice begins to sing. ¬†Umbrellas twirl until there is no more music. ¬†That was my first dance recital. ¬†The genre was tap, the song Singing in the Rain. ¬†Over the course of my childhood,¬†I¬†repeated every line and mimicked every step; I watched that musical until the VHS tape¬†was completely worn out. ¬†To this day, it holds a special place in my heart. ¬†I was too young to understand what was happening when Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor died so this news is hitting me especially hard. ¬†However, I don’t want you to think that I am ending 2016 on a depressing note. ¬†Debbie Reynolds’ smile was infectious, and I want that to be the¬†ending to the year. ¬†Face 2017 with a smile!



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