Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games Review

Source: http://www.lordofthedance.com
Source: http://www.lordofthedance.com

‚ÄĘ Introduction

Three months ago, I saw my favorite dancer Michael Flatley perform for the first and last time. ¬†I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him dance in person and therefore wanted to wait before sharing my mixed thoughts about the show. ¬†I’ve put this off long enough so here we go. ¬†I have watched the Feet of Flames¬†version of Lord of the Dance¬†on VHS more times than I can count, and the original soundtrack is ingrained in my brain. ¬†I danced for eleven 1/2 years because of Michael Flatley, Jean Butler, and Riverdance. ¬†Why am I telling you all of this information? ¬†I want to make it clear that my opinions are based on my art and dance background.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_6LH5mn4bA

‚ÄĘ Thoughts

Even though Lord of the Dance is constantly being tweaked to stay relevant, the basic story is the same. ¬†I don’t mind that it has evolved into a modern Irish dance show, but I think some of the substance has been lost along the way. ¬†The 3D backgrounds were cool in certain places such as the opening of the show, but there were other times when they came across as cheesy and a bit nauseating (e.g. the nature scene with a unicorn). ¬†The male dancers did not disappoint; they were impressive and entertaining number after number. ¬†The “robot” soldier routine¬†was cool and a nice touch of humor. ¬†Unfortunately, much of my disappointment is aimed towards the female dancers. ¬†Their costumes were either reminiscent of drill team or (basically) nonexistent. ¬†I realize that costuming is subjective, but I strongly believe¬†females don’t have to wear less to be entertaining or further a story. ¬†The women would not have been cast if they weren’t talented dancers, but I wasn’t satisfied¬†by any of their choreography; it fell flat more often than not, especially during the soft shoe routines. ¬†Sometimes¬†their¬†purpose was¬†little more than standing onstage and looking pretty. ¬†I felt like I was watching a sports halftime show more than once. ¬†The only time they¬†shined and¬†impressed me was during the group numbers because it was more about the dancing and less about appearance. ¬†The female vocalist had a beautiful voice, but her segments felt disconnected; I wish her performances were better intertwined with¬†the rest of the show. ¬†Overall, I think the production¬†is overdone. ¬†Too many ideas! ¬†The creators need to take a step back and make some changes. ¬†The modern touches¬†don’t need to be removed, but they shouldn’t¬†be forced to the point of dragging the substance and¬†spirit of the show down.

‚ÄĘ Conclusion

I think the biggest problem going into this show was my expectations. ¬†The version in my head and heart is from the original soundtrack and Feet of Flames VHS. ¬†I expected one thing and got another because the show has evolved, which¬†isn’t a bad thing. ¬†I set myself up to be disappointed. ¬†I’m glad I saw it¬†at least once, and I had the privilege of watching¬†Michael Flatley take the stage before retiring. ¬†However, I would be lying if I said I will see this show again. ¬†I am perfectly content listening to my old Lord of the Dance CD and watching footage from the original show.

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