Marta Nael | Artmas 2015

– December 22 –

Is it snowing outside? If you said no, don’t feel alone. It isn’t snowing where I live either. Let’s all pretend the WordPress snow is real and enjoy this winter-themed digital painting by artist Marta de Andres A.K.A. Marta Nael. Enjoy!

de Andres, Marta. Winter Heart. 2010. Web. 21 Nov. 2015.

First of all, the splatters of paint remind me of snowfall. Second, the placement of color is the star storyteller in the scene. The atmosphere is made up of cool-toned colors, the girl warm-toned colors. I like to think that those warm colors represent passion in the “heat” of an artistic moment.

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3 days until Christmas…

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– Lauren Michele ❤

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