Dancing in a Winter Wonderland | Artmas 2015

Source: http://insiderspassport.com/great-fun-for-the-whole-family-moscow-ballets-great-russian-nutcracker

– December 21 –

Some of the best memories I have from Christmastime involve my roles in Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker. Auditions in September, weekly rehearsals, and multiple performances at the end of November. The same routine year after year, and the same exhilaration show after show. I will forever be grateful to this company for giving American dance students the opportunity of a lifetime to perform with professional Russian danseurs and ballerinas. As a gesture of gratitude, I want to introduce all of you to this beautiful production that is performed annually around North America. I am only going to show you a few photos and videos. If you want to see the rest of the production, you’re going to have to buy tickets and attend a performance. Enjoy!

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Arriving at the Party

Dove of Peace

Spanish Variation (My Favorite!)

2008 Audition Diary

* * * Pay close attention to the rehearsal at 8:01 – 9:24 ^ ^ ^

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Buy Tickets – http://www.nutcracker.com/buy-tickets

4 days until Christmas…

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