New York Fashion Week 2015 | Part 5

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– Elodie –

Nadreau, Elodie. 2012. Web. 2015.
Nadreau, Elodie. 2013. Web. 2015.

The majority of Elodie’s work utilizes a warm color palette. The colorization reminds me of ancient Japanese paintings. The skin is always smooth, but, more often than not, a texture is placed over it; the texture resembles freckles, but the placement is more like that of ben-day dots. Special attention is also given to the hair; the strands are pronounced. Think “Betty Spaghetti” but with better shape, thickness, and movement.

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– Grace Ciao –

Ciao, Grace. Dancing Lady Orchids. Web. 2015.
Ciao, Grace. Fuchsia Lily. Web. 2015.

Inspired by my discovery of Limzy’s work, I decided to do some research and find out if anyone other fashion illustrators use flowers. The only significant result was Grace Ciao. Tall characters and minimal color apart from the flowers distinguish her work. Her manipulation is done with a soft hand; the flower placement feels organic. What flower dresses?? These dresses are real!

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– Maelle Rajoelisolo –

Rajoelisolo, Maelle. 2013. Web. 2015.
Rajoelisolo, Maelle. 2012. Web. 2015.

I love the individuality of Maelle’s characters. Each girl has a personality that is consistent from her hairdo down to her shoes. They could be spunky, fashion-forward teens straight out of a young adult novel. On Behance, she calls them “Fashion Dolls.”

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– Minjee Kang –

Kang, Minjee. Red Valentino Pre Fall 2015. 2015. Web. 2015.
Kang, Minjee. FENDI 2015 S/S Ready to Wear. 2015. Web. 2015.

The fashion is, of course, detailed and beautiful, but Minjee’s work is all about those facial expressions. The characters possess drama. They feel important and fresh off the runway or red carpet. F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S

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Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section. Part 6 will be up tomorrow evening.

“See” you tomorrow readers! 🙂

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– Lauren Michele ❤

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