MyWebRoom Brand Ambassador

Lauren Michele, Brand Ambassador for MyWebRoom

Exciting news readers! I am now a brand ambassador for MyWebRoom, the website I reviewed a little over one week ago. I was featured on the blog along with other new brand ambassadors:

Believe me when I say I would not have joined this program if I did not believe the website had potential to be successful. If you are creative and/or enjoy interior decorating, this is the website for you. Don’t worry; it is free! Here are some links for you to check out:

β€’ An Official Introduction to MyWebRoom

β€’ Watch Me Use MyWebRoom

β€’ My Review of MyWebRoom

β€’ Lauren Michele’s MyWebRoom

β€’ Sign Up For MyWebRoom and Have Some Fun

Here are the rooms I have decorated thus far; click each image to make it bigger:

Lauren Michele's Room

Nature Sanctuary

If you feel like you are not creative, don’t let that stop you. I find virtually decorating therapeutic. Even though the components of the website are very mature, the basic idea brings me back to childhood and playing games online. Whenever you feel stressed, take a break from reality and decorate your dream room. πŸ™‚


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– Lauren Michele ❀

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