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Today I am doing something a little different. I am reviewing a website: I decided to put the review on my art blog because it is a great outlet for creativity. First, here are the names of the people who make this website possible:

Artem Fedyaev, Founder & CEO
Christine Gonzales, Designer
Daria Rebenok, Marketing Director
Dave Britton, Chief Technology Officer
Dave Riddle, Lead Software Engineer
Kristen Lichtenstein, Digital Marketing Manager & Copywriter
Lianne Krusemark, Content & Social Media Manager
Ling Lim, Head of Product Design
John Michael Gonzalez, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
Joshua Burton, Marketing Writer and Coordinator

MyWebRoom is a fairly new website. The basic premise is using a decor database to decorate the room of your choice, a long list of which is provided. This is the foundation for numerous other capabilities. Members can connect with other people, browse through and/or save rooms to the Style Gallery, bookmark products from other rooms for later inspection and/or use, find and buy products using the provided website link, recommend products for the decor database, and access the blog for trendy articles and “My Web Room” updates. In terms of creative expression, virtually decorating is therapeutic. Resting on that alone, I give the site 5 out of 5 stars. However, I would give my overall experience 3 out of 5 stars. The premise is great; it is the adult version of all the decorating games I played as a child. My only complaint is the frustrating glitches I experienced while decorating my two rooms.

1. Despite saving my changes every step of the way, there were times when, after logging out or browsing other areas of the website, I came back to my room and found it empty or void of my previous changes. I spent a lot of time starting from the beginning and redoing my rooms; that should only have to be done once unless by choice.

2. If you choose a decor item and decide later on you do not like it, you can delete it. More often than not, I had to refresh the page several times or log out and log back in to get the “Remove Button” to work.

3. Decor/Furniture can be placed in areas marked by a plus sign ( + ). The plus signs are not always responsive. There were a few times when I had to click multiple times around the plus sign until, finally, the menu popped up.

4. I am tentatively labeling this issue as a “Glitch” because it could very well be a misunderstanding on my part. Each of the decor categories is numbered, and I assume those numbers refer to the amount of items available for use. However, the number of items available is always less than what is given. For example, the “Bird Cage” category has the number 203, but there are only 40 birdcages to choose from. Perhaps the categories are hand-picked for each room according to what would look best. Even if that is the case, why is the number there? Don’t get me wrong! 40 options is a good amount, but I cannot lie. The idea of 203 options got my hopes up! I think this feature should be clarified.

I would like to congratulate the MyWebRoom team on creating a unique, enjoyable website. Despite the glitches I experienced, I still recommend giving this site a try at least once. I am being patient because I understand this is a baby website, and technical issues are a natural part of the process. To get an idea of what you can create, here are pictures of the two rooms I created; click each image to make it bigger:

Lauren Michele’s Room
Lauren Michele's Room

Nature Sanctuary
Nature Sanctuary

Watch Me Create a Room

• Introduction to MyWebRoom

MyWebRoom Website

Enjoy your time as a virtual interior designer! 🙂

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– Lauren Michele ❤

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