Artmas 2014 – Glitter and Glow

Merry Christmas

There are numerous days per year when I need or want to dress up, but it is always an especially special (That adjective took a lot of creativity!!) event getting ready for the Christmas Eve service at my church. My clothes are never too green or red (sometimes I change it up and wear a different color), and my makeup is never sparkly enough. I work so hard to look perfect even though nothing is ever good enough, and the entire look will come off in a matter of hours in exchange for pajamas and slippers. Nevertheless, I put in the effort year after year in the spirit of Christmas and have no intention of stopping anytime soon. I think everyone puts in a little extra effort for Christmas, men and women. I don’t think there is a definite reason except maybe we just feel like it, and it feels good. Shouldn’t the outside reflect the inside? I apologize for the long introduction, but I felt it was appropriate. I am spotlighting Katie Rogers’ illustration “Merry Christmas” because it reminds me of getting ready on Christmas Eve for the nighttime festivities. Enjoy!

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– Lauren Michele 🙂

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Rogers, Katie. Merry Christmas. 2012. Web. 26 Dec. 2014. (Image 1)

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