Artmas 2014 – Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I previously mentioned my disdain for California’s lack of wintry weather. The circumstances have not changed, and I desperately need an escape from the sunshine. Today I am spotlighting four of Jacek Stefan’s winter-themed photographs, one still life and three landscapes. The album on his website is appropriately titled “Narnia.” Is there any better winter wonderland than Narnia? I think not. Here are the details I love most in each image:

– The fog that shrouds the scene in mystery (1st)
– The magical quality of the swirling lines in the ice and the pop of color (2nd)
– The dark sky makes the scene feel foreboding, as though the viewer is actually lost in a foreign realm (3rd)
– Water reflections are always beautiful to look at, but symmetry is even more appealing in my opinion. It reminds me of the Rorschach tests I made as a child with glitter glue. (4th)

Now I feel like watching The Chronicles of Narnia. I will be making that happen this evening, perhaps with a side of eggnog.

• Please support the artist by visiting his websites:

Stay merry readers! Only two days until Christmas…

– Lauren Michele 🙂


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