Artmas 2014 – Joy to the World

Before I get started, I want to apologize for my inconsistent blogging. I am having problems with WiFi, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to upload everyday when the internet is moving at a snail’s pace. The frustration has made me want to give up, but I am doing my very best to stay positive and push forward in the spirit of Christmas & Hanukkah. Speaking of which, I hope you are not opposed to a Hanukkah-related post because that is what this is. If you are not interested, feel free to skip this post and wait for the next. The art I am spotlighting today is a little different from what I normally post, but I hope you will have an open-mind. Photojournalism is as much of an art-form as illustration and painting etc. Photojournalists have the difficult task of taking poignant photographs to accompany story after story after story, most of which are not pleasant. However, photojournalism is not always bad news; it can also make people smile. Today I am spotlighting photographs that show the diversity within Jewish culture. Over time, Jews have been dispersed throughout the world due to various circumstances. I speak for myself when I say it is beautiful to see people of all different shapes and sizes and colors uniting to celebrate the same holiday. I hope you feel the same way! That is all I am going to say in this post. I will let the photographs do the rest of the talking. Each photo is accompanied by the name of the state or country in which it was taken. I did my best to find photos of Hanukkah celebrations in every part of the world, but please take into consideration that Jewish communities such as those in Asia and Africa are very small and predominantly undocumented. Enjoy!

These are the artists in order of appearance in the photo gallery; some are unknown and therefore not listed:

1. Scott Schild
2. Ismael Francisco
4. Eugene Garcia
6. Baz Ratner
7. Abir Sultan
9. Jono David
10. Luke MacGregor
11. Vicente Vallejo
12. Jim Weber
13. David Joles
14. Christinne Muschi
16. Mehdi Fedouach
17. Lara Cerri
19. Joseph Sywenkyj
21. Jacquelyn Martin

Chanukah Sameach! Stay merry readers!!

– Lauren Michele 🙂

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Works Cited:

Sywenkyj, Joseph. Jewish Hanukkah is commemorated by lighting candles on a special candlestick with nine branches called a hanukkiyah. Each day of the eight-day festival, a candle is lit and a prayer is recited, as seen in this photo taken during the Yudkevych’s family celebration in Kyiv on Dec.3. Head of the family, Dmytro (M) teaches his children Jewish history and traditions, the knowledge of which he lacked growing up amid repressions in the Soviet Union. 2010. Web. 19 Dec. 2014. (Image 19)

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