Steve Rosenfield

First of all, happy new year readers! This is the first Lauren Michele Photography blog post of 2014. I am starting the year off with a spotlight post on Steve Rosenfield, a photographer I discovered today on Yahoo. Here is a link to the article/gallery:

The focus of this post is Rosenfield’s series known as the “What I Be Project.” The models that volunteer are stepping out in faith by posing for a natural portrait and sharing their biggest insecurity through black ink. We all have insecurities and struggles that we conceal from the general public therefore every person on earth can relate to this series. Has it not been said that the first step to recovery is admitting what the problem is? This series is very powerful. It brings up issues that are talked out about each and every day in the medias as well as issues that are not. There are people who feel too fat, but what about people who feel too skinny? There are people who hate their thighs, but what about people who hate their nose? There are people who complain about acne, but what about people who have large, noticeable marks or scars that will never go away? The important thing to understand is that anything can be an insecurity to an individual. I may not have a complaint about my nose, but there is someone somewhere who does. Every person’s circumstances is personal; no one else can understand or help. Just as the insecurity or struggle is personal, so must the choice to defeat it.

Steve Rosenfield website

What I Be Project website

That is all for now readers. Stay tuned for new work from LMPhotography!

– Lauren Michele 🙂

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