Gary Crabbe

Photographer Gary Crabbe started out as a psychology and theater major at Humboldt State University. His interest in photography was sparked when he took an elective class on black & white photography. After college, he found himself meeting landscape photographer Galen Rowell and managing the stock department of his business for almost ten years. Crabbe has produced work for advertising agencies, publishers, and magazines. His client list includes L.L. Bean, National Geographic Society, New York Times,The Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and Time Magazine. He has also published seven books, one of which won “Book of the Year 2002”; that publication was “The California Coast.” Aside from assignment, fine art, and stock images, Crabbe’s business offers consulting, editing, workshops, and writing (“About the Photographer: Gary Crabbe.”).

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Do not forget to keep an out for my landscape series “Deep in the Heart”, coming soon.

– Lauren Michele 🙂

“I live in a landscape, which every single day of my life is enriching.” – Daniel Day-Lewis

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