Alex Wild

Today’s featured artist is insect photographer Alex Wild. His photography was originally part of his biology work but has since become a career. Aside from biology, he has an Entomology PH.D. from the University of California/Davis. He currently writes for Myrmecos, a blog, and Scientific American, a magazine; he is also a co-founder of the BugShot Insect Photography Workshops. Some of his photography credits include the names Discovery Channel, National Geographic, New York Times, and Smithsonian ( Wild’s photography is centered on science. He shares an up close and personal look at the world of bugs; there is a variety of species, and many of photos have captured insects in their natural environment.

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– Lauren Michele πŸ™‚

“Every kid has a bug period… I never grew out of mine.” – E. O. Wilson

Β© Lauren Michele Photography, 2013

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